Swedish Phytogeographical Society



The Swedish Phytogeographical Society offers each year a number of research scholarships from the two Foundations B. Lundman for Botanical Studies and B. Lundman for Anthropological Studies.

What do we fund

The Society promotes research projects in plant ecology and plant geography from the Foundation B. Lundman for Botanical Studies, and research projects in physical anthropology and for biographical work on Bertil Lundman's research and life from the Foundation B. Lundman for Anthropological Studies. Grants can be used to cover costs for travelling, buying equipment and for publishing results related to the project.

Who can apply

Scholarships are awarded to members of the Society, primarily to postgraduate students and students at Uppsala University.

How to apply

It is compulsory to use our form for application, which can be downloaded here.

Application must not exceed 4 pages, excluding CV (maximum 2 pages) and a well motivated budget (1 page). A maximum of SEK 50,000 per application can be granted*.

Applications on paper should be sent in four copies to the address below + an electronic copy in pdf format to svs@ebc.uu.se no later than 31 January each year.

The Swedish Phytogeographical Society
c/o Department of Ecology and Genetics, EBC
Norbyvägen 18D
75236 Uppsala

The Board of the Society decides on the granting of scholarships approximately one month after the deadline.

A progress report on the work and a report of how the grants have been disposed, including receipts, must be submitted the following year by 30 September. If reporting is not done, no further scholarships will be granted by the Society.

For inquiries about the application process, please contact the secretary at linus.soderquist@ebc.uu.se or svs@ebc.uu.se

*Grants are paid out as taxfree scholarships that will not include overhead costs. If the latter are included in the budget the Society will cover a maximum of 20 %.