Swedish Phytogeographical Society


The board

Laura Parducci - Chairman

Associate Professor at Sapienza University of Rome and guest researcher in plant ecology and evolution at Uppsala University. Laura studies the ecology and the evolution of forest plant populations. She investigates how genetics, demography and ranges of plants have changed during the climatic events of the last thousands of years using ancient DNA from lake sediments, peat bogs and permafrost.

Ingvar Backéus - Vice Chairman

Retired lecturer in tropical plant ecology at Uppsala University. Ingvar led projects on vegetation restoration in Tanzania and Ethiopia and worked in boards of African organisations providing scholarships and training in forest science and ecology. Has also studied ecology of Swedish peatlands.

Linus Söderquist - Secretary

PhD student in plant ecology and evolution at Uppsala University. Linus is working with the hardy terrestrial orchid Gymnadenia conopsea and he investigates how population and local density size influences inbreeding depression, and the phylogeography and genetic structure of the Scandinavian range. Other projects include establishment success of ex situ cultivated native Swedish orchids to novel urban conservation areas in Uppsala.

Giulia Zacchello - Treasurer

PhD student in plant ecology and evolution at Uppsala University. Giulia’s research focuses on plant phenology and local adaptation.

Magne Friberg - Scientific editor

Associate Senior Lecturer in Biology at Lund University. Magne’s research is focused on the processes that have made plants and plant-feeding insects two of the most diverse and abundant groups of organisms on earth. Much of his current research involves the evolution of plant signals, and variation in responses to these signals by their associated insects, across spatial scales.

Bob Muscarella - Event manager

Associate professor in plant ecology at Uppsala University. Bob is a forest ecologist (mostly working with tropical forest tree communities) and is interested in species ranges, tree diversity patterns across climate and soil gradients, and the affects of natural and anthropogenic disturbances on forest dynamics. He is uses plant traits and current distributions of species to better forecast potential responses to climate change.

Mikael Lönn - Member

Lecturer in plant ecology and related subjects. Research interests are local adaptation and genetic structure in plant populations.

Lars Ericson - Member

Professor emeritus in ecological botany. Interested in interactions between plants and their natural enemies, vegetation dynamics in rising Bothnian archipelagos, and plant parasitic fungi.

Francesco Spada - Member

Presentation coming soon.